100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Argentina

Argentina includes towering glaciers, snow-capped mountains, a sophisticated European-style city, and estancias with gauchos and polo ponies.

Southern Argentina, Patagonia

Dramatic mountains and glaciers.

Hosteria Helsingfors

El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina

The lodge is surrounded by a stunning landscape of forest and lake. From the hotel, take a 40 minute Zodiac boat ride to the most impressive glacier in Patagonia, Videma Glacier. Located at the end of a road on the shore of Lake Viedma, 180 km north of El Calafate.

T: +5411 4315 1222. 8 rooms. US$ 175-, all inclusive.

The Lake District, Northern Patagonia

Includes scenic lakes, charming hostelries, Nahuel Huapi National Park, and the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. A center for adventure tourism – kayaking, white-water, horse-riding and mountain biking, the Lake District’s climate and terrain varies from rainforest to semi-desert Pantagonian steppes. The Lake District incudes Isla Victoria, a 12 mile-long wooded wlderness island in the middle of Lake Nahuel Huapi, and the smart enclave of Villa La Angostura, fifty miles from Bariloche on Nahuel Huapi’s northern shore.

Hosteria Nacional Isla Victoria

Isla Victoria, Bariloche, Argentina

This rustic elegant stone and wood building sits in pristine wilderness on Victoria Island. Located in Patagonia’s Nahuel Huapi National Park, its rooms have views of the either bay, lake, distant Andean peaks or the forest.

T: +5411 4394 9605. 22 rooms plus 4 bedroom log cabin. US$ 570, incl. all meals, kayaking and horse-riding.

Estancia Peuma Hue

Bariloche, Argentina

Horse riding, kayaking, organic meals – you dine communally with other guests – and massages on this new privately owned 500 acre estancia set between two lakes.

T: +54 92944 501-030. 9 cabins. US$ 430-, incl. all meals

Hotel Correntoso

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

Historic fishing lodge splendidly rebuilt with light-wood interiors, bay windows and an infinity pool followng a1980’s fire. Sits overlooking the bay at the point the river Correntoso flows into it.

T: +5411 4803-0030. US$ 130-

Las Balsas

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

Las Balsas Bay views. Known for its food.

T: +5429 4449-4308. 15 rooms. US$ 180-

Wine Region, Mendoza Province

The majority of Argentine’s wineries are found in this central Argentine province bordering the Andes. Located a 90 minute flight from Buenos Area.

Cavas Wine Lodge

Costa Flores s/n Alto Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina

Luxury vineyard hotel and restaurant located in the foothills of the Andes.

T: +5426 1410 6927. 14 rooms. US$ 325-

Buenos Aires

A sophisticated capital city with European overtones; home to the Tango.

Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires

Where poet, philosopher and 20th century master writer Jorge Luis Borges grew up. It is now the food-and-fashion district, a Bohemian barrio with chic coffeehouses, antique shops, funky furniture designer stores, and early 20th century architecture. Palermo Soho refers to the area around the Plaza Serrano.

Home Hotel

Honduras 5860 Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Relaxed, stylish and hip boutique hotel with retro Scandanavian-style furnishings. Owned by a local pr person and her English husband, a former record producer for Depeche Mode.

T: +5411 1778 1008. US$ 150-

Malabia House

Malabia 1555 Palermo Viejo, Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina

An historic mansion turned townhouse “design bed and breakfast” lodging with interior green gardens.

T: +5411 4832-3345. 15 room b&b. US$ 70-

Legado Mitico

Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stylish new hotel with each of the rooms named after a cultural icon.

T: +5411 4833-1300. 11 room b&b. US$ 190-

San Telmo, Buenos Aires

An area undergoing gentrification, the cobblestone streets of this historical part of central Buenos Aires are lined with elegantly decaying 19th century mansions. San Telmo is famous for its Sunday antiques market in the Plaza Dorrego.

The Cocker

458 Juan de Garay San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A newly restored Art Nouveau townhouse, it has modern suites with antiques and wet room, a roof-top garden and a grand piano in the small lobby. It is conveniently located just a few blocks from the museums of National History, Modern Art, and the Plaza Dorrego with its weekly antiques fair.

T +54 11 4362-8451.5 rooms. US$ – 90-

Delta del Paraña

Alluvial streams, natural ponds and birdlife, located 45 miles north of Buenos Aires.

La Becasina Delta Lodge

San Fernando – PCIA de Buenos Aires Argentina

Secluded rustic elegant nature getaway set alongside the river banks.

T: +5411 4728-1253. 15 cabins. US$ 290 per person, all inclusive.

Estancia El Rocio

San Miguel del Monte, Argentina

Sixty miles from Buenos Aires, Estancia El Rocio is a working ranch where you can learn to play polo or just enjoy leisurely horse rides on the 400 acres. Owned by a French couple who have decorated it in a contemporary chic resort with some regional touches.

T: +5422 7144 2431. 5 rooms. US$ 500-

Estancia El Ombú

San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

Wide verandahs, horse rides and dogs to play with. 1890’s building with antiques from the era house the guestrooms. Located 75 miles from Buenos Aires.

T: 5411 4737-0436. 9 rooms. US$ 500, including meals

Northern Argentina, Salta La Linda

An area noted for its subtropical rainforests, diverse fauna, spectacular waterfalls and its Indian and colonial heritage. The southern borders of the Incan empire reached here; later, a flourishing Spanish colonial life existed because of Salta la Linda’s proximity to the Bolivian silver mines. Once rivaling Buenos Aires in importance, today Salta la Linda (Salta the pretty) offers colonial architecture, Incan heritage, restaurants and a vibrant nightlight. Take a 2 hour flight north of Buenos Aires to reach it.

House of Jasmines

La Merced Chica, Salta, Argentina

This 100 year old house – now a small romantic hotel – is part of a 300 acre ranch. The estancia’s activities include horses, a pool and small spa. It is located at the foothills of the Argentinean Andes and 7 km from Salta Airport.

T: + 54 38 7497-2002. 7 rooms. US$ 175-


Buenos Aires urbanites escape to Traslasierra to de-stress and enjoy clean mountain air, hikes and pony trekking, good food and small village charms. The naturally scenic Córdoba province is located an hour’s flight north of Buenos Aires.

El Colibrí

Camino a Santa Catalina Km. 7 (5221) Santa Catalina, Córdoba, Argentina

Recently built by a French hotel family, the 420 acre estancia combines traditional lodging materials with state of the art technology. It is furnished with a mix of good antiques and modern pieces. Activities include horse riding, a swimming pool and hiking trails.

T: +54 35 2546-5888. 9 rooms. US$ 495-

La Constancia

Camino al Champaquí San Javier, Córdoba, Argentina

This estancia sits within its own 1,200 acres mid-way up a mountain. Its location provides a microclimate producing a beautiful landscape that involves woods and streams flowing into waterfalls with wide panorama of the Traslasierra valley.  This exclusive hilly landscape is ideal for trekking and horse riding. The 1895 manor house includes a small chapel of artistic and historical interest.

T: +54 11 4373 0323. 10 double rooms. US$280

Iguazú National Park

A huge rainforest encompassing parts of Argentine, Brazil and Paraguay and noted for its wildlife and towering waterfalls.

Yacutinga Lodge & Wildlife Nature Reserve

Ecolodge located on the banks of the Iguazú river.

40 guestrooms.