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Islands of Palawan ProvinceSugary white sand beaches dot the 1,780 islands lying between the South China Sea and the Sulu Seain the southern Philippines. Two world heritage sites are also found here: the coral-rich Tubbatbaha Reef and the limestone karst landscape of Puerto-Princesa National Park.

Miniloc Island Resort
El Nido Island, Philippines
T: +63 2 894-5644. US$ 425-, all inclusive
Miniloc Island Resort is set in a cove with a backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs. Reminiscent of a coastal village, Miniloc’s quaint charm is enhanced by its crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fishes. Located about 260 miles southwest of Manila.

Pamalian Island, Phillipines
T:+63 2 759-4040. 29 bungalows. US$ 624-
Aman-style luxury on a private white sand beach island in the Sulu Sea; located 225 miles south of Manila.

Ananyana Beach Resort and Spa
Doljo Beach Bohol, Philippines
T: +63 38 502-8101. 12 bungalows. US$ 220-
Luxury thatched roof-huts on a sandy beach in this secluded Central Visayas isle. Open-air restaurant serves Filipino-Mediterranean food like penne with pork adobo. This romantic hotel is located an hour’s flight and half hour drive (they’ll pick you up) from Manila.

Islands of Siargao – Del Norte Province
Siargao, a teardrop-shaped island facing the Pacific Ocean in the Philippine Sea, features mangrove forests, white sand beaches and an awesome wave break known to surfers as Cloud 9. The island hosts an annual international surfing tournament which attracts world pros. Fly in from Manila to Cebu, then take a Cebu Pacific flight to Siargao’s tiny airport.

Dedon Island Resort
Siargao Island
Siargao Del Norte, Philippines
T: +49 (0)40 307 086 690. US$ 1,150-, 9 villas. Includes all meals and activities except deep-sea fishing
Created by a former Belgian soccer star turned high-end outdoor furniture maven, the resort showcases his woven furniture made by Philippine master weavers. This romantic hotel resort combines high-end design with high-end adventures.

Siargao Island
Siargao Del Norte, Philippines
T: +63 921 320 0442. US$ 195-

Two Parisian designers created this chic romantic beachside hotel.



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