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Romantic Places in Europe

Wachau, Austria
The peaceful Danube runs through a verdant countryside filled with wineries and baroque architecture. Romantic, ruined castles dot the hilltops. Richard the Lionhearted was held for ransom in one of these castles.

Viking heritage, volcanoes, geyers and steamy pools.

Prague, Czech Republic
A favorite city of Mozart’s and home to Kafka.

Brittany & Normandy, France
The wild, northwestern part of France, known for its seafood and Breton speaking natives.

Provence & French Riviera, France
Sunshine, Roman ruins, lavender fields and sweeping Mediterranean views.

Leipzig, Germany
Goethe called the old-world university town of Leipizg “a little Paris”. The city where Bach lived, Goethe wrote and Martin Luther debated.

Lake Como, Italy
“This lake exceeds anything I ever beheld in beauty” Percy Bysshe Shelley. Extravagant villas and quaint fishing villages, one hour north of Milan.

Tuscany, Italy
Tranquility, olive groves, country villas and farms. Artistic treasures in the cities and towns that were the cradle of the Renaissance.

Campania, Italy
Enchanting towns, sunshine and spectacular coastal scenery.

Winding canals, windmills and a countryside that still looks like it did when painted by the great 17th century Dutch artists.

Andalucia, Spain
A land of white mountain top villages, bougainvillea and sidewalk cafes. Remnants of Moorish civilization are still evident along the miles of Spain’s southern coast. Major cities include Granada, Cordoba and Seville.

Icebergs, glaciers, polar bears, narwhal, and sled dogs for transportation.

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