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Romantic Places in Greece

Greek Islands
Hundreds of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea; all unique.

Rhodes Island
Ancient temples, beaches, and chic boutiques.

S. Nikolis Hotel
Rhodes Island, Greece
T: +30 241-34561. 10 rooms, US$ 135-
A tiny romantic hotel built around a courtyard in the heart of Old Town.

Symi Island
Named after Poseidon’s wife and reputed to be the birthplace of the Three Graces.

Aliki Hotel
Symi Island, Greece
T: +30 241-71665. 15 rooms. US$ 110-
Formerly a large mansion, take 3 steps down from the front door into the sea.

Santorini Island
Wild volcanic landscape, black sand beaches, and some of the best archeological sites in Greece.

Iconic Santorini
Santorini, Greece
T: +30 22860 2895.  22 rooms. US$ 655-
A boutique cave hotel carved from the volcanic Santorini caldera wall.  Breathtaking views of the azure waters below from each of the five hotel levels. Each room has its own private patio.

Santorini Island, Greece
T: +30 286 71401. 14 rooms; US$ 530-
Surreal fantasy layout complimenting the magical village of Oia. A luxurious contemporary take on the island’s ancient cliff dwellings.

Astarte Suites
84700 Kaldera Akrotiri
Santorini Island, Greece
T: +30 22860 83 388. 9 room b&b. US$ 510-
Small romantic boutique hotel with personal service, pool, and wonderful views. The luxurious rooms include jacuzzi pools and Hermes cosmetics.

Santorini Island, Greece
T: +30 22 860 71308. 17 rooms. US$ 575-
Located on the quiet edge of Oia. Rooms carved into the hillside come with peace, privacy and stunning views.

Mykonos Island
Where Hercules slew the giants.

Ornos Bay
Mykonos Island, Greece
T: +30 289 24094. 24 rooms; US$ 300-
This Greek romantic hotel has a soothing Zen quality.

Patmos Island
St. John wrote the Book of Revelations here and since 1088, pilgrims have flocked to the island’s Greek Orthodox monasteries. Arrive by boat.

Porto Scoutari Hotel
Patmos Island, Greece
T: +30 02470 22123. US$ 86-
Views and an attention to detail are found at this bungalow-style hotel located in the island’s port town.

Patmos Island, Greece
T: +30 22470 29368. 6 room b&b. US$ 250-
White-washed stone mansion overlooking the Aegean sea.

Northern-most of the seven Ionian Islands. Where the redoubtable Durrell (Gerald, Lawrence and Margo) family lived during their youth and later wrote longingly about. The town, also called Corfu, resonates with its Venice, Naples, Paris and English influences.

Cavalieri Hotel
4 Capodistriou St. Corfu, Greece
T: +30 661 39041. 50 rooms. US$ 130-
Former 17th century nobleman’s mansion located in-town. This romantic Greek hotel has marvelous views of the Adriatic sea.

Where western civilization was born; home to Socrates, Plato and Pericles. The architectural masterpieces created during Greece’s Golden Age on its “Sacred Rock”, the Acropolis, include the Parthenon, the Erechthion, and the Temple of Nike.

Sweet Home Hotel
Patrou 5, Platka
Athens, Greece
T: +30 21 0322 9029. US$ 170-
Small stylish boutique hotel within walking distance of many attractions, including the Acropolis.




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