Romantic Places in the Yukon & Northwest Territories

We confess a soft spot for roads that go to the ends of the world. Although we can’t guarantee you plush or elegant lodgings along the way, we can promise a profoundly solitary and scenic drive across the tundra from the Yukon’s capital, Whitehorse, to Inuvik in the Arctic Circle. Go during the time of the midnight sun, June through August.

Yukon - Whitehorse & Dawson

Whitehorse is Yukon’s capital and the entryway to the North. Dawson is located 332 miles north of Whitehorse on the road to Inuvik; this gold mining town has been admirably preserved.

Northwest Territories - Inuvik

Inuvik, the town where the Mackenzie Delta meets the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Circle.

Romantic Places in the Ukraine

There are currently no listings in the Ukraine.